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Biogas Fuelled HCCI Power Generation System for Distributed Generation

August 2009 - The California Energy Commission has awarded a grant to Makel Engineering to develop a low-cost energy conversion system that would efficiently produce electricity from biogas - gas produced by the breakdown of organic matter. The research team will develop a biogas fuelled, Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) power generation system capable of producing up to 200kW of electricity while still maintaining emissions levels consistent with CARB 2013 emissions targets and the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB32).


Safe Deactivation of Rocket Propellant and Other Energetic Wastes

March 2009 - Makel Engineering has been awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) research contract with the US Air Force. Research labs associated with the development of propulsion systems regularly generate small amounts of waste from propellants, explosives and pyrotechnics (PEP). This program will utilize microchannel reactor technology to develop a system that can be cost effectively and safely used as an alternative for open burn/open detonation (OBOD), and in situations where OBOD is not viable.


Closing the Material Loop for Oxygen Production on the Moon

January 2009 - Makel Engineering has been awarded a NASA Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) research contract to develop a microchannel reactor for the methanation of carbon monoxide. The return to human exploration of space requires the development of methods for in-situ production of consumables. There is currently technology to produce oxygen from the Lunar soil. This project is intended to close the loop in the material balance for the oxygen production from Lunar soil, which utilizes methane as a reducing agent, and produces carbon monoxide as a byproduct. The use of microchannel technology enables minimization of mass and energy consumption, both critical for successful deployment for space missions.


Breath Analysis for Asthma Patients

September 2008 - Ohio's Third Frontier Project selected to award nearly $3.8 million for the development of a nitric oxide sensor that will enable asthma patients to monitor their asthma at home. The team, led by the Cleveland Clinic, includes NASA Glenn Research Center, The Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University and Makel Engineering. The proposal aims to re-develop a sensor used in the aerospace industry, and the project's emphasis will be on testing and commercializing sensors already produced in Ohio.


Detection of Hypergolic Fuels and Oxidizers

May 2008 - Makel Engineering has been awarded a Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) research contract with the Department of Defense Missile Defense Agency. MEI has initiated work on the development of a system for the detection of hypergolic fuels and oxidizers in missile canisters. This system is designed to be directly integrated into, for example, the All Up Round (AUR) container for an interceptor missile.


Micro-Plasma Based Explosives Detection

May 2008 - Makel Engineering has been awarded a Phase II Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) research contract with the US Navy's Naval Air Systems Command. This research program will develop a micro-plasma based explosives detection system for use in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that will allow stand-off inspection of approaching vessels at sea. The system incorporates a novel plasma source within a miniaturized spectrometer to detect extremely low levels of explosive compounds.