Hydrogen Detection Systems


Makel Engineering’s hydrogen microsensor is a highly sensitive, selective and stable MEMS-based device that measures hydrogen. MEI’s Sensor offers the latest in advanced hydrogen microsensor technology for aerospace, industrial, and commercial applications. The Smart Hydrogen Sensors can be used for:

- Fuel Cell Safety
- Facility Monitoring
- Assembly Leak Checking
- Industrial Gas Detection
- Chemical Process Monitoring
Hydrogen Sensor Die
The Smart Hydrogen Sensors use advanced thin film microsensors. These sensors overcome the limitations of existing technologies and offer superior performance and reliability for hydrogen sensing. They operate at lower temperature than conventional combustible gas sensors, which dramatically improves reliability and eliminates interference from other gases. These sensors are produced using silicon micro-machining technology which yields highly reproducible devices that do not require custom “trim” resistors common with catalytic sensors.

- Rapid time response
- Operation in both air and inert backgrounds
- Pressure and temperature compensated
- No signal interference from other gases

Control Electronics
The sensor electronics are designed to provide a small, low power package to accompany the sensor. The Smart Hydrogen Sensors can be used as individual sensors or networked using built-in RS-485 network capability. The sensor modules can be easily incorporated into existing data systems such as VME, PC-104, or PLC based systems. A sensor network can be arranged in daisy chain or point-to-point configurations.