Technology Overview

MEI has the resources to support a wide variety of research projects ranging from gas safety systems, chemical process monitoring, reformation and energy conversion systems as well as the supporting sub systems to facilitate overall solution integration. The MEI team is qualified not only in fundamental research but the fabrication of control systems, product development, testing and calibration. The team has an ongoing commitment to deliver top quality products to world-class customers. The following is a summary of our joint efforts and some of the products that have resulted from our research.
Flight Qualified Hydrogen Microsensors
Makel Engineering’s hydrogen sensing systems have been qualified on Shuttle, X33, X43 and Helios. This technology has the potential to simplify gas sampling processes and improve the quality of potential hydrogen leak detection information. This technology can also be used to detect leaks in a range of other launch vehicle applications.
International Space Station Hydrogen System
Makel Engineering has developed a hydrogen sensing system that monitors the hydrogen levels in the space station’s oxygen regeneration system. The triple-redundant sensor package warns the system if hydrogen concentrations reach critical (and potentially explosive) levels. The systems will help ensure the safety of space station crews for years to come.
UAV-Based Environmental Sensors
MEI has developed low cost, light weight sensor systems to support a wide range of UAV-based environmental monitoring applications. UAV-based air quality monitoring enables improved mapping of pollution levels and trends. Chemical leak detection in industrial facilities provides early warnings of potential hazardous conditions, and facilitates mitigation and emergency response. UAV-based sensors enable monitoring of forest fires, tracking the progress of containment measures, or monitoring the spread of fire. UAV's equipped with weather sensors can be used for profiling the lower boundary layers or as weather scouts, to assess local conditions.
Miniature ISRU Reactors for Mars and Lunar Missions
MEI has developed microchannel reactors based on multiple ceramic and metal bonded substrates coated with catalytic material, forming a monolithic structure. These reactors are scalable with the incorporation of extra layers and minimize pressure drop and catalyst settling.
Miniature Sensor for Emissions Monitoring
Makel Engineering is developing a compact, robust multi-species monitor for high temperature gas emission streams. The system is based on advanced micro-machined gas detection sensors developed for detection of CO, NOx, CO2, O2, and Hydrocarbons. Monitoring of the multiple species is based on several sensor platforms, each having a different sensing mechanism.
MEMS Sensor Array for Robust Fire Detection
Makel Engineering is developing a robust fire detection system with integrate MEMS chemical sensors and a particle detector. The use of multiple chemical sensors combined with particle detection enables real time characterization of the type of fire significantly improving the ability to efficiently fight fires while potentially eliminating false alarms.