Clean Distributed Power

MEI is currently involved in research to develop a reliable multi-cylinder Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) engine. The engine utilizes a simple and robust thermal control system, which is inexpensive to install and use. The project aims to operate the engine under real-world conditions and develop the expertise for retrofitting conventional diesel engines to run on biogas. HCCI engines are based on standard diesel engine designs with reduced complexity and cost based on the well known principles of engine dynamics. As such, they are very easy to maintain in the field by the existing engine service and support infrastructure. Additionally, they do not require expensive fuel injection systems and utilize simple induction generators for simplified power grid interconnection.

HCCI engine technology can utilize biogas feedstock from three significant renewable markets: Dairies -- fueled by methane captured by a covered lagoon, Landfills -- fueled by a capped gas collection system, and Biomass Digesters -- fueled by waste streams such as rice straw (and other agricultural waste) forest and/or urban green waste.

This technology will contribute to improved environmental and human health conditions through the utilization of waste biomass feedstocks for distributed electric power generation. The deployment of this technology will improve the environmental and public health by providing Near-Zero Emission with very low levels of both NOx and particulate matter, while generating electricity and removing potent greenhouse gases such methane from the atmosphere.