Aircraft Life Support Systems

MEI’s instrumentation for life support systems utilizes miniaturized and ruggedized chemical sensing systems which are designed to be incorporated as embedded instrumentation. MEI’s technology is focused on addressing mission critical needs to support fighter aircraft.

Real-time air quality sensor suite (RTAQS) is a first of its kind embedded sensor suite for monitoring the breathing gas supplied to pilots from OBOGS for military aircraft, which was developed by MEI in conjunction with the United States Air Force. The system provides real-time measurement of oxygen, pressure, flow, humidity, temperature, and a wide range of potential trace contaminates. The first generation RTAQS has been flight tested in multiple platforms. Development of the next generation RTAQS is underway. The RTAQS is configurable and scalable for use on a wide range of trainers and fighter aircraft equipped with OBOGS systems.

On-board engine bleed air chemical composition sensors, under development by MEI, provide rapid detection of potentially harmful contaminants and odor causing compounds in the airstream provided to pressurized cabins. Using an array of high temperature sensors and electronics, the bleed air sensor array can be located close to the engine compressor and provide maximum time for cabin air processing systems to provide on-demand filtration and redirection of air flow. Versatile microsensor packaging enables optimized integration solutions for on-board sensing in military and commercial aircraft.