MEI has been a leading developer of innovative flight qualified chemical sensor systems to meet the unique requirements of propulsion system development and launch vehicles. Our world leading sensor development efforts focus on some of the most demanding sensing applications to advance space flight and planetary exploration.

Oxygen Generation Life Support System Safety

MEI has developed a hydrogen sensing system that monitors the hydrogen levels in the Space Station’s oxygen regeneration system. The triple-redundant sensor package warns the system if hydrogen concentrations reach critical and potentially explosive levels.

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Hydrogen and Oxygen Sensors for Launch Systems

MEI has a range of flight qualified sensor systems for propellant leak detection applications to provide mission critical safety functions. Ground based systems have been developed for monitoring cryogenic hydrogen propellant lines and to optimize the management of helium purge gas.

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In-Situ Resource Utilization

Using microchannel chemical processing and miniaturized sensors, MEI is developing systems for the production of propellants, plastics and other materials for habitation of the Moon and Mars using life support system by-products and other in-situ resources. These ISRU technologies will enable humans to move beyond Earth’s orbit for sustainable long term exploration of our solar system.

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Extreme Environment Sensors for Planetary Exploration

MEI is developing extreme environment chemical sensors which will enable exploration of the most extreme environments of our solar system, from the high pressure and high temperature on the Venus surface, to the cold surfaces of Mars and Titan.

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