Industrial/Clean Energy

Chemical sensing spans a wide range of applications and MEI’s innovative chemical sensor solutions can be found in diverse industrial applications. We actively partner with established suppliers from multiple fields and provide services and products ranging from IP development to OEM sensor systems which are incorporated into our customer’s systems. MEI’s industrial customer base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to emerging startups. Our experience and expertise provides our industrial partners with advanced technology injection and product development acceleration.

Harsh Environment Sensors for Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Power Plants

MEI has a range of high temperature capable chemical sensors suitable for emissions measurements of clean coal and natural gas fueled turbines. MEI is also developing sensing technology to provide critical safety monitoring of reactor operations under severe accident conditions as well as for long-term nuclear waste storage.

Fire Fighter Protection Systems

MEI developed a wearable sensor system to protect firefighters from respiratory damage and illness. The prototype will alert structural and wildland firefighters of hazards in the air during the phase called “fire overhauling” or “mop up,” when the main fire in buildings, forests or open land has been knocked down and their duties include cleaning up, detecting and preventing secondary fires.

Hyperlocal Mobile Air Quality Monitoring

MEI’s miniaturized air quality sensors for ppb level CO, ozone, NOx and VOCs provide a real-time monitoring capability for vehicle and UAV-based air monitoring. For applications ranging from smart city air quality monitoring to UAV-based wildfire monitoring, these modular sensor payloads provide insight into weather driven air quality patterns.

Clean Distributed Power Generation

Using HCCI engine technology MEI produces 30 kW and 100 kW low NOx emission generators using biogas fuel sources. These systems can be used either as stand-alone generators or as combined heat and power (CHP) units for applications such as dairies, landfills and syngas plants.