War Fighter Wearable Technology

MEI is developing wearable technology to be used in monitoring chemical exposure to multiple contaminants, particulates and environmental stresses such as heat, chemical exposure and particulates to which ground crew and warfighter are exposed. Hardware and data fusion software enable monitoring of cumulative exposure mapping of conditions for preventive measures.

MEI developed an aircrew-mounted sensor suite that detects hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide and measures barometric pressure for monitoring the performance of aircraft On Board Oxygen Generating Systems (OBOGS). The sensor suite fits in a pocket on an aircrew’s survival vest.

MEI is developing an advanced multi-modal sensor system suitable for in-situ analysis of exhaled inorganic and volatile organic compounds for divers, pilots and field patients. MEI’s expertise in highly compact solid state chemical sensor packages enables development of a system suitable for integration in the oxygen mask.

Pilot with a mask in a jet
NHN units
Diver mask